Brian Betournay


Why did you start running?

I took a bet from some friends after college to race them in a half marathon. I lost three toenails and didn't eat or drink anything, but I won. I appreciated how a little competition motivated me to get into shape and found that racing was a lot of fun. I've been on a permanent runner's high ever since.


Favorite thing about CAA?

I love starting my weekends with the Saturday morning group run followed by coffee and a bagel at the Bagel Works.


Favorite race?

Boston Marathon


Interests besides running?

Surfing, skiing, biking, hiking.


Most embarrassing moment during a race/event or other?

I had a really upset stomach in a marathon once and couldn't find a bathroom anywhere. I asked at each "aid station" for the first ten miles where the bathrooms were and no one knew. After getting really frustrated and uncomfortable I had to drop out and hitch a ride to the finish.


If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Mountain goat