Cindy Hannon


Why did you start running?

I ran cross country one season in high school but I didn't possess any skill, so I abandoned the idea of being a runner. But during my senior year at Providence College my friend Amy and I were looking to do something different, so we started running the streets of Providence. After graduation I moved to Brooklyn, NY and lived next to Prospect Park. 3 mile car free loop in the middle of the city was very inviting. And so began my career …


Favorite thing about CAA?

Being a member of the first place Open Division 2013 Lake Winnie Relay team! No bathroom break for me. Oh, and the people!!!


Favorite race?

Falmouth Road Race


Interests besides running?

Cooking, baking, riding my bike, bird nerding, kicking back in Jackson Hole


Most embarrassing moment during a race/event or other?

Not sure if embarrassing is best word but definitely a moment when I felt like a tool … after, unknowingly snapping my IT Band running the Tufts 10k, I had to walk about 3 miles to the finish and this guy yelled from the crowd that I was in good shape, so maybe I could pick up the pace. And in response to hearing this, I burst into tears right on the course. People were aghast!


If you could be any animal, what would it be?

A bear. They eat and sleep a lot, two of my favorite activities, and bounce around without much of an agenda. I used to plan every piece of my life; now I prefer to see what happens.