Trish Guarrera


Why did you start running?

I like the fact that wherever you are you can go for a run and you are not tied to a schedule. Originally I thought this was a much cheaper way to stay healthy with no memberships, equipment, etc. Although with my new athletic wear addiction this has not proven to be true!


Favorite thing about CAA?

The people! I lived in Portsmouth for 8 years before joining and as soon as I joined I had an amazing new support system!


Favorite race?

So many to choose from, I guess I would have to say the Boston Marathon!


Interests besides running?

I enjoy biking, kayaking, snowboarding and of course SHOPPING!


Most embarrassing moment during a race/event or other?

Again too many to choose from … My clumsiness has proven to be pretty embarrassing. I have tripped during many runs including the Market Square Day 10K!


If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Hmm I guess a Fly so I can hang out on the wall and listen to what is going on!!