Robyn Olivares


Robyn works for KTP in their Web design department. Her primary sport is running, however does enjoy taking Body Combat at Synergy in Exeter, and also enjoys Yoga. Robyn started running in 2003 by joining a 5K Group Training program at Synergy, and trained for the Bruce Ellis 5K, and has been running ever since. Her weekly average mileage is 15-20 miles per week, depending on what she is training for. Except for a minor bout of plantar fasciitis, Robyn has not experienced any long term injuries from running, and considers herself lucky – thinking maybe this is because she never OVER trains for any race. Robyn normally runs early a.m. hours, and sees many sunrises here on the seacoast, starting her runs about 5:30 a.m. Having running partners to meet that early helps. You might not be so willing to get up that early, but knowing someone else is depending on you to be out there, you do it. Robyn ran her first Marathon in Richmond Virginia in November 2007, and wants to do another marathon in 2010. I asked Robyn to just list some of her favorite races on the Seacoast – Market Square 10K, Great Island 5K (for the beauty) and the Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. When Robyn is not running, she enjoys being entertained by her THREE dogs!