Bob Kintz


How did you get started running?

Friends at Boston College had a house on the Cape and asked me if I wanted to run the Falmouth Road Race with them. Although 7 miles seemed unhumanly possible, I was looking forward to a weekend on the Cape.


What do you like most about running?

Eating and drinking what I want, when I want, with no guilt.


What is your favorite type(s) of run (trails, group runs, long runs, speed workouts)?

I enjoy all of these although clearly running with a group is more fun than running alone.


What is your favorite race (if you like to race)?

Any race I can beat Neil McCaffrey in … so far that would be The Fox Point 5 Miler and the New Years Day race in Portsmouth … not that I'm counting them or anything.


What do you like to do outside of running?

Enjoy the rest of life, family, grand family, work, volunteering at Krempels Center and making saw dust with power tools.


What was your most rewarding running experience?

I could say it was when I found out I was only 52 after running the Kittery PTA Seaside 4 Miler … proof that running does make you younger … but actually I think it was when my youngest son, Devin, beat me for the first time at the York Harbor 5K. A close runner up was the 2011 20 mile training run for Boston which I ran with our editor … Beth Lindquist … and some Winner Circle runners in York during a significant Nor'easter … I'm still having flashbacks and wake up during the night with cold sweats.