Daryle Lamoureux


Why did you start running?

I first started running simply as a form of exercise that I enjoyed. Since then, running has become much more. It's a great way to clear my head and put everything in a new perspective. I have also really come to enjoy the competitive nature of racing both to see how I do against others as well as how I do against myself.


Favorite thing about CAA?

The people. CAA is filled with amazing people. And how better to get to know someone than running with that person for a few miles!


Favorite race?

This is a tough questions. There are so many great races, and each one has its own appeal. Right now, I would have to say that the Clarence DeMar Marathon tops the list. It's a great race through rural New Hampshire roads during peak foliage.


Interests besides running?

Besides running? Really? When I'm not running, I am spending time with my family, reading or spending time designing a website or laying out a book.


Most embarrassing moment during a race/event or other?

I was running in a very muddy trail race. The entire time I was trying to focus on not losing my footing while running. At one point, I stopped to walk for a little bit, and I fell into the mud (while walking ... not running).


If you could be any animal, what would it be?

I probably should say a cheetah or a gazelle. However, I think that I'd like to be a chameleon or some other animal that can blend into its surroundings. It would almost be like having a super power!