Gregg Balser


How did you get started running?In April 2011, my friend Michelle decided to sign my up for the 2011 Dover Children's Museum 5K as payment for working on her bicycle. I had never run more than 1 mile in my life and that was back in high school gym class in 1993.


What do you like most about running? Breaking mental barriers, and the people, I have met tons of great people.


What is your favorite type(s) of run (trails, group runs, long runs, speed workouts)? I like the pub runs.


What is your favorite race (if you like to race)? My favorite race was the Mad Half marathon in Waitsfield, VT. Beautiful scenery, several covered bridges and some really tough hills. It's a race everyone should do at least once.


What do you like to do outside of running? I have have been cycling for a few years and have ridden at least a dozen centuries. I have started swimming and am in training for an Olympic distance Tri in June and hope to train up to a Half Iron distance by fall.


What was your most rewarding running experience? Finishing the 2012 Amica Marathon in Newport, RI.