Dave Ritchie


Why do you run? I was always running … growing up in my neighborhood in greater Boston, to foot chases after criminals when I was a police officer (no one ever got away!).


What's most enjoyable about running is the races? I love the competition and camaraderie with other people who enjoy running and racing.


Favorite runs? My favorite runs are always with other people, whether it be the track workouts or the Saturday morning runs. When my family and I lived in greater Boston, I loved trail running in the Middlesex Fells woods in Medford, Stoneham and Winchester.


Favorite Race? To select my favorite race is difficult because there are so many. I'd have to say Saunders 10K, The Hollis Fast 5K, Stratham Fair 5.7 miler, and Yankee Homecoming/High Street Mile.


Besides running, what other things to you like to do? Outside of running I enjoy cycling the seacoast area. I enjoy skiing with my family, even though it's hard to keep up with them. I like puttering around the yard with both flower and vegetable gardens.


What was your most rewarding running experience?My most rewarding running experiences have been running the past two Boston Marathons and most recently the ING Hartford Half-marathon, where my son Chris, my daughter-in-law Bitty and I all had great performances. All in all, every race has it's rewards. Runners are such nice people!