Christine Houde


Why did you start running?

Christine: I always enjoyed the occasional jog in college to work off the beer and Taco Bell from the night before. I started as a way to exercise, be outside, and attempt to get in shape. I did not really discover the road race scene until I moved from Florida to New Hampshire permanently in the winter of 2010. I decided to give myself a goal and sign up for the Great Bay Half Marathon in April of 2011. I had never run more than 3 miles. I enjoyed the training and the feeling of accomplishment. I guess you can say I caught the bug after that and there is no turning back.

Peter: After Christine got so involved she encouraged me to start with the 5k's. Although it was hard at the beginning it became to be a fun and social hobby that we could enjoy together. And I got to hang out with Cindy and Sybil … Doesn't get any better than that, does it?


Favorite thing about CAA?

Christine: The people, the support, the friendliness. Sybil’s genuine concern for each member and their happiness. I really enjoy the way each member cares about one another and the fact that everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

Peter: Meeting new people who don't think I'm crazy for running.


Favorite race?

Christine: York Days 5K

Peter: Stratham fair 2013. I somehow managed to win first place in my age group. The 90+ degree weather must have scared off or slowed down the rest of the field!


Interests besides running?

Christine: Anything that I can do outside that involves being active … hiking and trying to complete all the NH 4000 footers, biking, kayaking, being at the beach and in the sun … I also enjoy volunteering with the Lion’s Club, hanging out with my dog, Salem, and taking him on adventures, Mexican food & self-serve frozen yogurt. I guess having adventures with my hubby, Pete, is ok too ;-).

Peter: Volunteering with the local Lions Club and being involved with the community.


Most embarrassing moment during a race/event or other?

Christine: Just recently during the Paddy’s five miler, I hit a button on my iPod that was apparently “repeat” and for 5 miles I heard Ludicris … “Move____, Get out the way.” Of course, no one else knew this, so it was only an embarrassing/silly/look back and laugh moment for myself. Also, having someone tell you to get away from their backyard when you have to go to the bathroom are trying to avoid the line for the port-a-potties. That happened two years ago at Yankee Homecoming in Newburyport.

Peter: Bloody Boston nipples after the BAA 10k …


If you could be any animal, what would it be?

Christine: A bird. They soar through the air, hang out in the sky, play in the ocean and catch fish!

Peter: If you're a bird, I'm a bird.